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Heating Your Wrap: A Simple Guide

Heating Your Wrap: A Simple Guide

At Purple Moon Collection we want to make using our wraps safe and easy. Below are simple steps and measures to take when microwaving and caring for our bestselling thermotherapy range

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Keep your microwave clean

 A clean microwave is your first step to a longer-lasting, reusable heat wrap. Make sure your microwave is free of oil residue and leftover food scraps. Aside from cleanliness, food and oil can cause hot spots or burns, imposing on the quality of your wrap.

Use a plate or container

Instead of placing your wrap directly on the microwave plate or tray, we advise using a plate or microwave proof tray/flat container. Liquid or oil residue may be present, risking the possibility of overheated fabric spots and stains.

 Avoid spot overheating

 While a sheen of oil sounds harmless, the substance retains more heat. Tossing your wrap into the microwave unprotected comes with increased potential for burns. Fabric areas touched by oil can become hotter than the rest of the wrap, causing melted holes in the fabric.

 No need for a bowl of water

 Purple Moon Collection uses an organic flaxseed filling. The natural oil content of our superior filling contributes to the creation of a moist heat that is well retained—meaning no additional moisture should be placed in the microwave.

 Don’t let your wrap get stuck

 Take care when placing your Purple Moon Collection wrap in the microwave. The goal is equal heat across your wrap. Sections could overheat or underheat if your wrap ends up wedged against the walls or roof of the microwave interior.

 Ensure movement while heating

 Ever eaten a microwaved meal where one portion is hot, and the other lukewarm? If your wrap doesn’t spin while heating, you may end up with one side of a wrap suitably heated, while another part is underheated, and a corner overheated. 

 Follow heating instructions

 At Purple Moon Collection, we recommend one minute heating before flipping the wrap, and then another minute of heating. You can try two more 30 second intervals to pinpoint the perfect timeframe, but 3 minutes is our suggested limit.

 Choose incremental testing

 Is your microwave unpredictable when it comes to heating instructions? While we offer suggested heating times, you can instead heat at 30 second intervals up to 3 minutes to discover the best microwave routine for your new wrap.

 Microwave quality matters

 Older microwaves can experience irregular heat; small microwaves may also cause irregular heating. Be sure to test and work out a safe heating strategy for your wrap, especially if using a different microwave at the office, or while visiting or travelling.

 Only reheat cooled wraps

 Wait until your wrap has cooled down to room temperature before placing back in the microwave to reheat. This way, you reduce the chance of accidentally overheating. (The good news is, Purple Moon Collection wraps retain heat very well!)

 Cleaning your wrap

 We know that now and again despite careful care, your wrap may become soiled. Clean the area with a damp cloth, and wait till completely dry before heating up and reusing. If you heat while still wet, those areas may retain more heat, increasing burn risk.

 Purple Moon Collection Heating heat packs

Have any questions?

 Keep in mind while most of our wraps and pads are microwaveable, we also offer an Electric Weighted Heating Pad. Our goal is always to meet your heating needs. Want advice around our heat products? Please reach out to Purple Moon Collection, we’re happy to help.






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