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COLD Vs HOT Treatment

Cold Pack vs Hot Pack Treatment

 Find yourself alternating between cold and hot therapy? The pros and cons of each depend upon your body’s specific needs.

 We design our products with treatment diversity in mind. The Purple Moon Collection Wrap also offers ice therapy benefits—placing your wrap in the freezer creates a quality cool wrap aid.

 Both thermotherapy and cold therapy have a long history of healing and soothing capabilities. The good news, is our range allows you to have both on standby in your home or office.

 A general rule of thumb is ice minimises blood flow while heat increases it. These points can be a helpful basic guide when choosing between ice and heat application for your body’s needs.


For most, the goal is to reduce pain, whether through the cooling impact of ice, or the soothing effect of heat. The conditions mentioned below are only a few helped by cold and thermal care.

 Have a complex medical history? Check with your GP before adopting a new routine. Consideration should be taken before deciding whether heating or cooling support will best serve you.


Cold therapy

 Ice is used most commonly in the acute stages of a muscle injury, or during a post-surgery recovery routine, focusing on inflammation reduction. Take care to only apply ice therapy to the affected area.

 Avoid over-icing the impacted region. Recent research and discussion around swelling, inflammation and healing processes suggests reducing acute injury icing to 5-10 minute applications.

 Aside from soothing sprains and reducing swelling, ice is used to assist with osteoarthritis, shin splints, tendinitis, gout and migraines, among other conditions. (People hypersensitive to cold may not benefit.)

 Ice therapy is less suited to diabetics and those with circulation issues, partly due to reduced temperature awareness. Certain health conditions, such as Raynaud’s disease, render icing best avoided.



 Heat therapy falls under dry and moist heat. Dry heat therapy dehydrates, and does not offer as deep penetration into the tissue as moist heat therapy—even if applied at equal temperatures.

 When microwave heated, the Purple Moon Collection range falls under moist heat. The organic flaxseed filling’s natural oil content gives wraps a moist feeling that penetrates muscles more effectively.

 Heat application is commonly used for pain caused by muscle tension, as the increased blood flow contributes to relaxing stiffness, helping ease the pain. 15-20 minute applications are standard.

 Heat is extremely popular for many forms of chronic pain. Back issues, sciatica pain, neck stiffness, osteoarthritis, post-workout pain, and period pain are examples often treated with thermal heat therapy.

 Those with cardiovascular issues should consult a doctor first before using thermal therapy. Heat therapy is not recommended for particular conditions, including diabetes and multiple sclerosis.


Alternating Therapies

  In some situations, a mix of hot and cold therapy can have positive results. Arthritis sufferers are known to address swelling with ice applications, while choosing heat to treat joint issues.

 With certain injuries, ice is employed only in the initial stages, up to the 72 hour mark, before a switch to heat applications. If unsure, speak to a medical professional for treatment advice.


We’re proud of our range

 At Purple Moon Collection, we want our product range to enrich people’s lives. We know pain can be debilitating, and that icing and heating are affordable, natural pain relief treatments.


Our goal has always been trustworthy heat and cold applications that allow for manoeuvrability, offering sustained performance through quality design. If you have queries, contact us today.


Thermotherapy and cold therapy should produce positive results, and prove a soothing experience. If the heat or cold makes you ill or extremely uncomfortable, discontinue application.

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