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Relieve Aches & Pains

Using heat therapy to relieve aches and pains

 Heat relief is a traditional approach known to reduce pain and help improve quality of life.

 You deserve comfort and care, and something as simple as a quality heat wrap can have fantastic results. Thermotherapy assists in treating and alleviating soreness and suffering caused by a range of conditions.

 Addressing pain in a way that is easy and accessible is a core motivation for us at Purple Moon Collection. Our products provide heat in a superior way: long-lasting, hands-free warmth that moulds to the body.


The power of heat

 Heat therapy is used to address everything from neck and shoulder to lower back pain, sciatica pain, and chronic pain—whether caused by injury, autoimmune conditions or tension and stress.

 Heat is often used in rehabilitation and recovery programs to improve healing, or minimise the pain of old injuries. Known to soothe and relax, some use heat simply to warm the body, and increase comfort.

Why such a diverse natural therapy history? And how exactly does heat help? Understanding the ways heat works to improve painful conditions will assist you in using heat therapy more effectively at home.


How heat works on the body

Heat therapy works primarily by boosting blood flow to the impacted area. This occurs via vasodilation: meaning blood vessels in that region dilate in response to the rise in temperature. 

With your blood vessels now slightly widened, more blood is able to flow through. This is important, because blood brings oxygen, helpful cells and nutrients, while taking away toxins and lactic acid.

 With a positive impact on the healing process, heat therapy may be utilised when recovering from injury. And when heat reaches into muscle and tissue, the improved blood flow also lessens localised tightness.

 Stiffness can facilitate injury, so for ongoing issues, the regular application of heat aims to escalate available mobility. (Just take care not to apply heat immediately after an injury, when ice is recommended.)


Why heat is relaxing

 Heat assists in combatting stress that manifests as physical pain. Tense and stiff muscles reduce blood flow. Heat lets those muscles contract and relax—which is why a heat pack on neck and shoulders works wonders.

 Heat can prompt a sense of wellbeing, as the subconscious often associates the sensation of warmth with comfort and safety. On a physical level, heat also helps minimise our experience of pain.


How heat reduces pain

 The application of heat is probably the world’s most accessible painkiller. Studies have shown heat receptors can block pain receptors, and thermotherapy is a popular tool for those with chronic pain disorders.

 When choosing at-home natural pain relief through heat, we recommend a moist heat product over dry heat. Heat penetration is deeper with moist heat options such as our organic flaxseed-filled range.


The Purple Moon Collection

 Because we know everyone has different needs, we created a range of heat products sure to suit your lifestyle and thermal therapy preferences. Our goal is always stellar quality, high performing and comfortable.

 We’re a family-owned business who know ongoing pain can be tiring, and limit everyday activities, so we designed heat wraps and pads to help. If you have any queries about our range, feel free to contact us.


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