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Heat Therapy in Winter

The Power and Appeal of Heat Therapy in Winter

Is your wellness impacted by pain during winter? Warming techniques can help you live your best life.

Statistics say 1 in 5 Australians over 45 suffer chronic pain, a group five times as likely to be “limited a lot” in daily activities. Reports show the United States also sees 1 in 5 American adults experiencing chronic pain.

At Purple Moon Collection we took these numbers to heart when designing our range. Holistic pain relief can be invaluable for people dealing with pain in day-to-day life—especially during winter, when chronic pain can worsen.

Winter and pain

 Chronic pain is caused by an array of medical conditions. Some may be impacted by cold weather. Increased muscle and joint pain come from a variety of contributing factors including reduced circulation and muscle tension.

 Studies like Cloudy with a Chance of Pain, with a large contingent of arthritis sufferers,  focus on the link between weather and chronic pain. Findings point to associations between changing barometric conditions and increased pain levels.

 Do your symptoms worsen in winter? If prone to chronic pain, we suggest exploring simple heat therapy during the cold season. Heat therapy is an easily accessible form of natural pain relief that may assist in reducing discomfort.


Why Heat?

 Historically, a number of ancient cultures explored different types of heat therapy. Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians were known for practicing heat therapy, as were a number of ancient cultures across the Asian continent.

 Societies everywhere have found ways to employ heat when alleviating suffering: from Scandinavians utilising saunas for millennia, to the Aztec application of hot stones, and heat therapy in African traditional medicine.

 Today, scientific studies examine myriad ways heat therapy affects the body, including addressing lower back pain relief with cooling and heating, and exploring thermal therapy effectiveness in osteoarthritis treatment regimes.

 Heat therapy impacts circulation, increasing blood flow with positive results—but we suggest confirming heat therapy is recommended with a medical practitioner. Cooling therapy is safer for certain health conditions, such as MS.

 Organisations focusing on arthritis care around the world like Arthritis Australia include thermotherapy (and cold therapy) among pain management suggestions. The power and potential of heat therapy is undeniable.


The art of the heat bag

 The popularity of topical heat application such as heat bags and heat wraps is due to a combination of affordability, durability and accessibility. Being able to heat these items in the microwave adds to their versatile appeal.

 Because mobility was often impacted by topical heat application, we designed the Purple Moon Collection Back, Neck and Shoulder Wrap with ties. Soothing heat reducing joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms while you move.

 We’ve worked to blend wisdom of the past with material choices in the present, delivering reliable, long-lasting heat relief that assists with chronic pain treatment. From a stiff neck to general inflammation, heat often helps.


The Purple Moon Collection Family

 As a family owned and operated business, we know natural pain relief for musculoskeletal pain can prove transformative for loved ones. If you have questions, reach out to us any time, we’re happy to help you understand our range.

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Marilynne Mill

I love your product; well designed and fabricated.
It is making this frosty winter bearable.
I won’t hesitate to order another item in the future.
Kind regards,
M. Mill.

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