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How to Heat and Care for your Microwavable Back, Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Congratulations on purchasing the most versatile heat wrap, serving you for all your natural pain relief needs!

There are some important things you need to know to ensure you heat your wrap correctly and safely.

How do I heat up my microwavable heating pad-

- ALWAYS use a clean plate to hold your wrap in the microwave

- Ensure no edges or any part of the wrap is possible to touch the outside edges of the microwave

- DO NOT OVERHEAT! Heat only as per directions and take the time to work out the best heating time according to your microwave (each microwave is different) so if using a different microwave, the time will vary

- Always allow your wrap to come back to room temperature before reheating

WHY?…. Tell me more!

So one of the most common ways you can burn or damage your wrap is by placing your wrap into the microwave, with even the slightest bit of oil or food residue touching the wrap this will result in creating a hole, damaging and even burning the wrap. Yup it can happen that easy and you won’t want to be without your amazing wrap. So always place on a clean plate and that will ensure that never happens to you!

Also ensuring your wrap is not touching the edges of the microwave will make sure the carousel is able to rotate around making an even heating distribution and prevents over heating.

Take the time to work out the optimal time your wrap needs to be heated. This will vary greatly depending on what microwave you use…. For example microwaves vary from around 400w to over 1250w. Depending on the age of your microwave this will also make a difference, as the power will slowly dwindle away after years and years of use!

So when first receiving your wrap, put in on a clean plate and in the microwave for 2 minutes, (we suggest flipping it after a minute) then carefully check the temperature, if it needs longer than go up in 30 sec increments. We suggest never going above 3 minutes heating time.

Always allow the wrap to come back to room temperature between each use.

If your wrap gets soiled, you can spot clean with a damp cloth. Ensure the wrap does not get too wet and allow it to fully dry before heating in the microwave.

We hope this article helps you, if you have any further questions please reach out so we can assist you….

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